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“What could be a better tribute to Eric Sevareid than that these two delightful, adventuresome, and modest young men undertook to re-create the great broadcaster’s adolescent canoe trip from Minneapolis to Hudson Bay? As you are swept along with Colton and Sean in Adventure North, you can’t help liking these two remarkable young men as they pursue what will surely be the most important rite of passage in their lives. Now, if they use what they have learned in young manhood as wisely as did Sevareid, they might just change the world.”

– Clay Jenkinson, Author of The Character of Meriwether Lewis: Explorer in the Wilderness, Bismarck, North Dakota

“Adventure North fits the bill as a lively, entertaining and stirring account of teenage exploits in the natural world rarely sought out for, much less experienced, by today’s youth. In truth, however, it is an inspirational narrative for all ages on personal growth through pushing past one’s comfort zone, reliance on others, and most importantly, friendship. While the title indicates the route taken by the pair, it easily symbolizes the upwardly character development that results.”


The story of two 18 year-old boys who graduated early from high school to embark on a wilderness journey from their backyards is an inspiration to those who fear adventure is lost in the 21st Century. Captivating the heart and soul of the Midwest, Colton Witte and Sean Bloomfield paddled their canoe 2,200 miles from Chaska, Minnesota to the permafrost shores of Hudson Bay. Raging rapids, ocean-size waves, and an unforgiving Canadian wilderness stood in the way of their quest to reach the North Atlantic Ocean.

Their route began in downtown Chaska on the Minnesota River. The first three hundred fifty miles were spent paddling up the flooding Minnesota River to the South Dakota border. After Big Stone Lake and Lake Traverse, the pair met up with the Red River, traveling down its entirety into Lake Winnipeg. The eleventh largest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Winnipeg runs over two hundred fifty miles from the south to north end, at which point began a five hundred mile wilderness jump down the Hayes River to Hudson Bay at York Factory, Manitoba.

To learn more about the Hudson Bay Expedition, visit the original website from 2008.

Adventure North


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