If you have any questions about the trip, would like to provide feedback about the book, or wish to inquire for Sean and Colton to speak at an event, send an email to

Since the completion of their Hudson Bay expedition, Colton and Sean have been invited to speak at numerous events throughout the Midwest. They have ranged in size from 10-500 attendees. Below are just a few of the speaking engagements that the pair have conducted:

And dozens more.

A typical engagement can last from 30-120 minutes, and includes various pictures and anecdotes from the trip. Usually, one or more underlying themes are included, based on the venue and organizer’s requests. Possible themes are:

  • Environmental issues
  • Inspiring outdoor adventure
  • Testing of the body and mind
  • Historical figures and routes (Eric Sevareid, fur traders, etc…)
  • Following dreams
  • Literature

Fees are dependent upon distance traveled, preparation time, and speaking length.

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