Custom Orders and Donations

If you wish to purchase multiple items or combinations of items other than those that are described on the ‘pre-order promotions‘ page, state your desired order in the special instructions form below and click the ‘Buy Now’ button. It will bring you to the PayPal checkout screen, where you are able to fill in any amount. Please be clear and concise; if further clarifying your desired order will ease your mind, please feel free to email us at,

Those who would prefer to make a donation without receiving any items, or would like to donate an additional amount beyond the cost of the items purchased are welcome to do so. We greatly appreciate any help you are willing to give.

An example order: If, for instance, you would like 4 copies of the paperback book with color photos, write in the ‘Special Instructions’ form, “4 color copies,” and pay $100.00 on the ‘Buy Now’ screen.

**Please disregard the checkout screen showing “Quantity: 1”. Your order depends solely on the special instructions that you provide.**

Costs are as follows:
One E-book = $10.00.
One paperback book (with color photos) with free E-book = $25.00.
One re-created copy of the duo’s journals = $30.00.
One engraved canoe paddle = $80.00.

We offer a 20% discount on orders of $200 or more in merchandise. That means 8 books (valued at $200.00) cost $160.00.

All pre-ordered books include free shipping in the US. All pre-ordered items will be signed.

Special Instructions